Alphabet nursery wall hanging tapestry | crewel ABC rug | design 005 - Moppet

Alphabet nursery wall hanging tapestry with lilac tones | crewel ABC rug | lilac design 005

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A fabulous alphabet nursery wall hanging tapestry with lilac tones which would look incredible in any space but has been designed particularly with a little one’s room in mind.

Meticulously hand embroidered from wool, no two pieces are the same. The incredible detail is achieved using the time-honoured chain-stitch crewel technique that dates back one thousand years.

Each piece has three loops stitched in the back which can be used to thread a hanging rod or to hang directly on the wall.

Approximately 90cm x 60cm.

100% wool and natural dyes on a 100% cotton backing.


Our materials are ethically sourced and the pieces are ethically produced using a traditional local crewel technique. The artisans, men and women (no children), live in rural areas and mostly earn their living as farmers, but produce pieces like these during the winter months as an alternative source of income. They work from their own homes around their own schedules and childcare needs.