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Vintage Disclaimer


We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to buy vintage! As well as being more sustainable, vintage pieces add texture, variation and bags of nostalgic charm to your little person's space. We hope you understand that part of their beauty is that they have lived a little, and although every effort is made to select items in the best possible condition, it cannot be expected that they will be in perfect or brand new condition. 



Our vintage toys were typically made some 30 to 80 years ago, so do not adhere to the toy safety standards of today. As per our product photographs they are sold as decorative, collectible pieces to brighten up little shelves, and should not be used in play by people under 14 years of age. Similarly, our vintage mobiles and jumping jacks are decorative pieces and are not suitable for hanging directly over a crib.



Our vintage chairs and stools have not been safety testing according to modern regulations and as such are sold as decorative pieces or ‘dolls’ chairs’.